Olha Birieva

Olha Birieva

Freelance Photographer

Photographer in London


I'm Olha Birieva and I'm freelance photographer based in Northern London.

All my life I want to take the photos.

When I was the child I liked to borrow my dad's camera Zenit and to take photos of my family and animals.

One day my father presented me new compact camera Olimpus. It was my birthday. I was really happy. This day I will always remember.

I used this gift nearly 5 years. Currently, I own a couple of DSLR cameras and I, like in childhood, I love to take photos.

Now I want and I need to change office's chair on camera. So I start to study photography and start to do photography.

I like to photograph people and them emotion, animals and birds, foods and cities. I just try to find my own style.